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Sisters, Tatiana and Gabriela grew up in El Salvador and come from a long line of retail success. Their grandmother was a successful shoe retailer and wholesaler in El Salvador who, through many years of hard work and sacrifice, was able to pave the way for a family legacy that continues to this day. After graduating high school, Tatiana and Gabriela’s father, Marco, ventured on his own journey, where he successfully owned and operated a line of Lacoste and Nautica franchises. Just like any world class Entrepreneur, Marco continued striving for more, which led him to launch his own branch of retail stores that sold everything from men’s and woman’s apparel to shoes and accessories.

Growing up in a retail environment, Tatiana and Gabriela spent much of their childhood playing in malls and in the back room of their father’s stores. Any chance they got, they would tag along on meetings with suppliers, which led them to fall in love with the world of fashion. After years of learning the ropes, Tatiana and Gabriela decided to embark on their own journey. As two sisters with one dream, they combined their initials to create Tazga!

In 2010 their family emigrated to the United States and settled in Orange County, California. The first Tazga location opened in 2012, as a boutique format and evolved to a lifestyle brand. The sister’s found a new home in Southern California and really embraced the So-Cal Beach lifestyle. 

Tazga sources its products from local designers, as well as Latin American brands. Upon your next visit, you will find a personalized, warm and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience, where we hope to make you feel right at home. Our product offering consists of women’s apparel, home decor, bath & body, shoes and accessories.

Tazga’s mission is to help woman live a happy and comfortable lifestyle, by providing unique and high-quality products at a reasonable price. We hope you can join us on this mission!

Welcome to the Tazga Family!